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A Tango Trinity

Midnight Magic Review gave
A Tango Trinity
5 star review!

Winner of the 2012 NEORWA Book In A
Year contest Published Author Novella

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August 2012
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J. Paulette Forshey -
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The Tarczal Alliance

Logan Kincaid was trying to find the spy in his company when she
walked in, - long blond hair, longer legs, and intelligent green eyes
– damn, all his weaknesses rolled into one. He’d lived for 445 yrs.
believing the Blood Witches and T’yhiéls of his vampiric
childhood were nothing but myths until one walked into his life and
all hell broke loose.

Allyson Weston needed a scholarship to continue her career, and
she wanted her abusive ex out of her life. Allyson got both and
more when she found out the benefactor of the scholarship’s bite
was worse than his bark and her ex was found dead in her